Show us your saddest wall and win art!

Is a tattered Seahawks poster the pièce de résistance of your living room? Are your walls more boring than a macroeconomics lecture? Is the photo collage of your cat that’s scotch-taped above your bed just maybe responsible for the abrupt ending of that otherwise good date?

Worry not!  Artsyo is here to Pimp Your Wall.

We want to buy you a piece of original art by a talented local artist. Just send us a photo of your saddest wall and tell us why you need our help. The person with the most creative and compelling entry gets to choose a piece of original art, and we’ll pick up the bill.

Your friends will be impressed! Your dates will swoon! Your grandmother will be proud!


1. Take a picture of your saddest wall and email it to by November 29th. Don’t forget to include a tear-jerking story (50 words or less) about why your wall needs art, and needs it bad.

2. Like Artsyo on Facebook.

3. Go pick out your favorite piece on Artsyo in anticipation of your inevitable victory!


After November 29th, we’ll choose the five most creative and compelling entries and post the finalists to the Artsyo Facebook page. Then it will be up to popular vote, and the entry with the most votes will win the prize.


The winner of the contest gets to choose any piece of original art worth up to $500 on Artsyo.  We’ll buy it, frame it, and show up at your door for a little art-hanging party (kind of like the barn-raising parties of olden times, but classier and not as physically strenuous).

Do you have any friends who could use an art upgrade, too? Give those share buttons some love.