Vote for the saddest wall in Seattle!

The sad walls are in! We tried and tried to choose just five finalists, but there were so many truly sad walls that we decided to show off ten instead!

Below (in random order) are the Ten Saddest Walls in Seattle. But which wall is the saddest wall of all? You tell us: vote for your favorite! The entry with the most votes by December 20th wins!


Sad Wall #1: “You Guys” (by Kirby)

See above for barren walls and cute dog.

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Sad Wall #2: “I’m Wall Alone” (by Mandy)

Below me – a black box – filled with moving art, beautiful music. I? No competition.

Farther down – a fire – radiating a warm, beautiful glow. I? No glow at all.

Each side of me – world art – holding a story. I? No story to tell.

I? I’m here, Wall Alone.

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Sad Wall #3: “Cougar without a Roar” (by Megan)

When I bring a date home, I am horribly embarrassed by my bedroom. The only cool piece of art I have in my house is a pair of hand-painted shoes. They’re very beautiful shoes, but meant for my feet, not for my bed. And except for the occasional foot-loving gal, most people don’t want shoes above their heads when they sleep. Still, its the best I’ve got…unless you help me with ARTSYO!

Yours Truly,
Pumps on the Bed
Cougar without a Roar
Out-of-Dater Seeking Style

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Sad Wall #4: “IKEA? Obama?” (by Julie)

Pathetic!! Dirty, off-white paint with nothing but that hideous IKEA poster to cover it! I can’t bear to put it up. Maybe I should mount the Obama poster from four years ago that I never framed? I desperately need REAL, beautiful art to cover that ginormous pasty white wall. Please bring some light to my life!

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Sad Wall #5: “ceci n’est pas un os” (by Matt)

I can’t sleep … though my dog-bed is warm, and this human-room otherwise comfortable. Woof. To what will my dreams cling?

These past three years each attempt reverie has floated up expectantly, only to clang against the brutal off-white of the main livingroom wall. Three years — almost half my life — and you’d think my overhumans would have found something to hang here … a landscape of a grassy field perhaps, or a representation of meaty, blood-realism, or maybe a valiant-but-ironic merry hunting scene, featuring the intoxicating white blur of fleeing rabbit in the bottom corner?

But no. My dreams are doomed to the void. There is only this blankness. This wall. Tout est blanc, tout est noir. Il n’y a pas de différence.

Artsyo, help me to dream again.

- Toby the dog

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Sad Wall #6: “Just Alcohol” (by Lily)

Oh so sad is our basement’s wall-

To brighten its day: just alcohol.

For a cheerier look

In this 3-transplant nook,

Please vote for our art overhaul.

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Sad Wall #7: “Sad Dave” (by Eilish)

This wall is sad, and so is Dave.

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Sad Wall #8: “Local Color” (by Keridwyn)

Beige, beige, beige is the theme of our place on Capitol Hill. We put up pink/orange (“pornge”) streamers for a bachelorette party this summer and kept them up – at least it was SOME color. Not OK. Michael Parkes – great artist but not enough. We need LOCAL COLOR.

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Sad Wall #9: “Hexed and Perplexed” (by Kim)

There once was a wall plagued by hex’s,

sponsoring tacky “art” chosen by ex’s.

The ex’s have fled,

taking other valuables instead,

and now the wall sadly perplexes.

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Sad Wall #10: “Green. with Envy” (by Michael)

Sad wall. Green.

with Envy.

Art? No. No art.

Artsyo? Art, yes. Local, yes. Pimp, yes. Rad, yes.

Pimp my sad green wall, Artsyo. Pimp it local. Pimp it rad.

Pimp it! Pimp my sad, green wall.

Rad local art wall. Yes.

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